What You Should Know about Harris bipod

A gun shooter would always love to use a bipod and will probably wish to use the best bipod. Bipods are used to minimize firearm movement and shoot accurately with fixed stability most specifically for the heavy guns such as the long guns.

All bipods are primarily manufactured to serve a single and straight purpose. So it does not really matter how expensive or cheap your bipods are. It might only matter a little on their capacity to reduce firmly the movement of the firearms. However, the law of direct proportion applies – what you pay is what you will definitely get.

There are hundreds of different bipods found in the market so you just need to choose on what would be the best bipod for you. If you are looking for a high quality bipod, Harris bipod might be the one you are looking for.

Harris bipod is one of the trusted bipods today for most gun users. However, Harris bipod has a single downturn. This bipod does not affix to a standard picatinny rail so you still need to purchase an adapter (good thing an adapter does not cost much) if you want your riffle to be mounted. Aside from that, nothing more is considered a downturn since everything turns out to be what you wanted to have.

Features of Harris bipod
Here are the best features of Harris bipods:

  • Harris bipod serves best even if you are just sitting on a bench or on a table. It still functions exactly how you want, as expected.
  • Harris bipod is manufactured excellently. It is like a camera tripod that can extend its legs up to 6 or 9 inches (depending on what you have bought). These extension legs are conveniently foldable on the underside of your firearm (it does not add drastically to the overall weight of your firearm), so if you are done using it, you may fold it.
  • The feet of the legs of these bipods are rubberized to really create an amazing performance in any land areas. So apparently, these bipods most likely will not slip like other bipods.
  • These bipods are flexible. They can easily tilt or cant to either sides even for a number of times.


As stated earlier, what you pay is what you get. Now you might already have an idea on how much Harris bipod cost in the market, right? Well, Harris bipod is probably not the most expensive bipod you can see. However, it also cost not that affordable (for some maybe). Harris bipods cost at about $99.99 (but discount offers are also allowed if you are lucky to see one). Original Harris bipod really cost this much (or varies a little) but you can see free discounts or free shipping mostly if you will purchase from Amazon.

Harris bipods were manufactured and released by Harris engineering and it already established a gold standard in the industry of firearm accessories. So if you want not to waste your money for any other substandard bipods, try Harris bipod now!

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